Dallas Custom Cookies

Dallas Custom Cookies FAqs


I strive to provide my customers with high quality services personalized for their unique needs. I am available to take your order 24 hours a day via email. 

* See packaging options

What's the price of your cookies?!
Here's a link to the basic
pricing page.

*What's the best method to contact you by?
EMAIL...we're in the kitchen baking and decorating--it's difficult to answer the phone most days. I check emails sporadically throughout the day. Email me at:

*How do I get the cookies?
There are a few options!
1. The cookies can be picked up from my home kitchen in Allen (75/McDermott) nearly anytime Monday-Friday as long as I have a little advance notice. Confirm date/time prior to arrival.We strive for curbside service--as we usually have at least one of the babies napping & our doorbell is disabled.

2.Delivery is available! I use a courier service for all deliveries. In order to give a quote for delivery I would need to know:
​-order quantity to determine weight
-exact delivery address & date
-your time frame of choice: Before 2pm
or anytime by 5pm?

*Where is your kitchen located? 
My home kitchen is located in Allen, TX 75013. Near Alma/McDermott. I'll email you the exact address & details once your order is confirmed :)

*How do I get on the cookie calendar?
Once I know your
quantity, date & cookie details I will send an invoice to you. The invoice is always due prior to pickup/delivery & there is a clear cut due date confirmed in the email from us.. You will "officially" be on the cookie calendar once you have paid your invoice. Your calendar spot is not reserved until your invoice is paid.

*If you have a last minute order (less than 7 days notice) that I am able to accommodate the invoice will need to be paid immediately upon receipt. 

*How much notice should I give you before I place the order?
Typically 10-14 days minimum. However, it's never really too early to get on the calendar. As soon as you feel confident on the quantity & date needed EMAIL ME! There's a lot of prep time required & the sooner I add you to the "cookie calendar" the better for us both. I try to bake only twice a week--the time consuming part is decorating the cookie.

*How do I pay?
​Advanced payment is due via PayPal or Square. You can pay online via CC/Debit or you can mail a check to the address listed on your invoice. Your calendar spot is not reserved until 100% of the total invoice is paid. If your invoice is not paid by the due date the order is subject to cancellation without notice.

*I don't have a Paypal account is there another method I can use?

That's okay! You don't need a Paypal account. When you receive the link to your invoice you can click "pay with credit/debit" and there's no need to create an account. Just checkout as a guest to avoid creating an account.

*How long will the cookies stay fresh?
The cookies are individually bagged unless you request otherwise. They will stay fresh for 10-14 days. Sealed for freshness!

*Do I need to refrigerate the cookies once I receive them?!
NO, they'll be fine in a cool room temp environment for 10-14 days. Refrigerating could cause moisture and the icing colors could bleed.

*Are the cookies individually bagged?
Yes, always. To prevent damage to the cookies when I'm packaging them in the bakery box I will always individually wrap them. You can always open the bags when you're ready to display them on a platter.

*What kind of icing do you use? 

I use homemade royal icing . :) Royal icing dries hard enough so that the cookies can be bagged or stacked without smudging the icing.

*Can the cookies be shipped?
Yes, you can ship the cookies but I would suggest a cookie without appendages to minimize any breakage. Rectangle or square ship the best!

*Is this your full-time job?
YES! I decided to depart from the corporate world in January 2016. I wanted to give the bakery 100% of my time & love -- so far it's worked out great :)

*Are the cookies peanut free?

There are no nuts in the sugar cookie recipe, but there IS an allergy disclaimer on the bag of flour that I buy that states something to the effect of "cannot guarantee the flour was made in a nut-free environment."

*Do you have a gluten free option?

No, I have not had good luck with any gluten free recipes. Sorry :(