Dallas Custom Cookies

Dallas Custom Cookies FAqs


I strive to provide my customers with high quality services personalized for their unique needs. I am available to take your order 24 hours a day via email. 

* See packaging options here.

*What's the price of your cookies?!
Here's a link to the basic pricing page.

*Can I get a discount if I order above certain quantity?
Occasionally bulk discounts may be available on 35+ dozen...given that all of the cookies are identical (same design); it all depends on the detail & shape of the cookie.

*What's the best method to contact you by?
EMAIL...we're in the kitchen baking and decorating--it's difficult to answer the phone most days. I check emails sporadically throughout the day. Email me at: Jennab@dallascustomcookies.com

*How do I get the cookies?
There are a few options!
1. The cookies can be picked up from my home kitchen in Allen (75/McDermott) nearly anytime Monday-Friday as long as I have a little advance notice. Confirm date/time prior to arrival.

2.Delivery is available! I use a courier service for all deliveries. In order to give a quote for delivery I would need to know:
​-order quantity to determine weight
-exact delivery address & date
-your time frame of choice: Before 2pm or anytime by 5pm?

*Where is your kitchen located? 
My home kitchen is located in Allen, TX 75013. Near Alma/McDermott. I'll email you the exact address & details once your order is confirmed :)

*How do I get on the cookie calendar?
Once I know your quantity, date & cookie details I will send an invoice to you. The invoice is dated due within 10 days from the day I generated it for you. You will "officially" be on the cookie calendar once you have paid your invoice. Your calendar spot is not reserved until your invoice is paid.

*If you have a last minute order (less than 7 days notice) that I am able to accommodate the invoice will need to be paid immediately upon receipt. 

*How much notice should I give you before I place the order?
Typically 10-14 days minimum. However, it's never really too early to get on the calendar. As soon as you feel confident on the quantity & date needed EMAIL ME! There's a lot of prep time required & the sooner I add you to the "cookie calendar" the better for us both. I try to bake only twice a week--the time consuming part is decorating the cookie.

*How do I pay?
​Advanced payment is due via PayPal or Square. You can pay online via CC/Debit or you can mail a check to the address listed on your invoice. Your calendar spot is not reserved until 100% of the total invoice is paid. If your invoice is not paid by the due date the order is subject to cancellation without notice.

*I don't have a Paypal account is there another method I can use?

That's okay! You don't need a Paypal account. When you receive the link to your invoice you can click "pay with credit/debit" and there's no need to create an account. Just checkout as a guest to avoid creating an account.

*How long will the cookies stay fresh?
The cookies are individually bagged unless you request otherwise. They will stay fresh for 10-14 days. Sealed for freshness!

*Do I need to refrigerate the cookies once I receive them?!
NO, they'll be fine in a cool room temp environment for 10-14 days. Refrigerating could cause moisture and the icing colors could bleed.

*Are the cookies individually bagged?
Yes, always. To prevent damage to the cookies when I'm packaging them in the bakery box I will always individually wrap them. You can always open the bags when you're ready to display them on a platter.

*What kind of icing do you use? 

I use homemade royal icing --it has a light lemon flavor to it. I've never had any complaints! :) Royal icing dries hard so that the cookies can be bagged or stacked without smudging the icing.

*Can the cookies be shipped?
Yes, you can ship the cookies but I would suggest a cookie without appendages to minimize any breakage. Rectangle or square ship the best!

*Is this your full-time job?
YES! I decided to depart from the corporate world in January 2016. II wanted to give the bakery 100% of my time & love and so far it's worked out great :)

*Are the cookies peanut free?

There are no nuts in the sugar cookie recipe, but there IS an allergy disclaimer on the bag of flour that I buy that states something to the effect of "cannot guarantee the flour was made in a nut-free environment."

*Do you have a gluten free option?

No, I have not had good luck with any gluten free recipes. Sorry :(